BLOG 245 – How to take charge of the triggers in your work environment and make your business stronger as a result

We are mostly unaware of the triggers that affect our working environment. Destructive or constructive triggers that prompt behaviours that can undermine or support our business and personal success.

But the question is, how can you make the changes needed to create a better working environment that will deliver better behaviour from your team and better results for your business?

Here are 4 steps to take to help you take charge of the triggers in your work environment:

1. Start seeing your work environment as a source of behavioural triggers.

Take responsibility for the habits within your working environment and identify the good habits and the bad ones.

2. Remove the triggers that encourage destructive working habits.

These are the work habits preventing you from achieving your best results. Knowing that a repeated event (a habit) is a response to a trigger, you must identify these triggers and take action to remove them from your working environment.

3. Install triggers that encourage constructive working habits.

Having removed the destructive triggers, you can now focus all your time and energy on triggers that will support and encourage the right behaviours enabling your business to flourish.

4. Use structure in the work-place to help reinforce the triggers, behaviours and results in your business.

Structures likes agendas, checklists, daily priorities, calendar management, visually displayed score boards in the offices of your team will help drive through the change to make the new triggers habitual.

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