[Blog 44] Are Usain Bolt’s genes overrated?

The science of success suggests that genes have little to do with success…

But is this true?

Jamaica is the home of Usain Bolt, the home of sprinting. 7 of the world top 10 sprinters come from Jamaica…

But it’s not where he comes from that matters, it’s what he does…

The Jamaican team are obsessed with training, sprint training and training for gold medal success...AND success breeds success.

It’s time to be obsessed about your business success.

Apply this obsession of success to your business, make your team train and train again at the edge of their current skill level.

When you repeatedly practice, and push yourself at the edge of your skill level, your business will improve and you will achieve more.

When you encourage your team to do the same you will breed success and have a gold medal winning team of your own.

Read here (URL to the BBS) and make your business your obsession.

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