Give obvious and logical resons for change. Make sure you get emotional 'buy-in'. Plus you need a crystal clear path to change and then you'll achieve successful change in your business

[Blog 2] Stand still and you lose, embrace change and your business wins…

Here is a great ‘successful change’ story involving Jerry Sternin, who arrived in Vietnam in 1991 with his young family. His remit from Save the Children was with almost no money to transform the lives of millions of severely malnourished children.

Jerry used and embraced the 3-part pattern for successful change. In 6 months by using this pattern he and his small team changed the lives of 2.2 million people in 265 villages.

Jerry encouraged the communities (who had avoided malnutrition) he was working with to identify with these poor families. These people fed their children the basic food but added shrimps or potatoes to bulk out the meal where most families didn’t.

Jerry’s idea – copy them.

Jerry set up cooking classes, with clear instructions to change the old habits. The cooking groups made it easy to follow the path as the end goal (healthy children) was clearly visible. Working together the mothers were encouraged and hopeful as they could see that they would make a difference. The cooking sessions also helped change the environment and ultimately motivated the entire team.

The initial project helped several hundred children in a handful of villages, however when the programme was replicated across the country is saved 2.2 million children.

The simplicity of the 3-part pattern meant he had changed long term the way the community cooked and provided for their children. (At the end of the text URL link to the BBS)

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