BLOG 240 – Your business wins when you make your marketing messages simple and profound

Storytelling and marketing are the new power couple. There is no better way to connect, engage and reach your customers.

Stories are an absolutely essential part of our day-to-day communication, as a business owner you have probably been listening to stories in one form or another for as long as you can remember.

But to make a difference to your business, your business stories have to be good. No – they have to be great.

When done well, storytelling will do wonders for your business, it can make your products and services the ‘must-have’ over your competition, boost your marketing strategy, generate profit and create loyal customers.

It’s tough to know where to begin the first time you use storytelling as part of your marketing strategy, so best to just jump in and give it a try…

Here is how to make SUCCES work for you:

1) Make your message SIMPLE and PROFOUND

Will an 8-year-old understand the message?

Does it connect with the most important reason for customers to buy from you?

2) Unexpected

Same old, same old doesn’t work.

You don’t listen to the inflight safety check, but if the flight attendant start telling you 20 ways to get rich instead of 20 ways to leave the aircraft you would be all ears!

Is your message different from your main competition?

3) Concrete

Make your message concrete, tangible and real, customers will not respond if you are ambiguous or vague.

4) Credible

Make your message credible, believable and authentic, use guarantees to reinforce this.

5) Emotional

Emotion is at the heart of most decisions we make, connect with the feelings of your customers with your powerful marketing story.

6) Story

Use all the winning components of a story – beginning and end, heroes and villains, conflict, success and the journey.

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