BLOG 286 – What happens when you use the ‘change people’s minds’ checklist in your business…

In this increasingly competitive world, your business must stay relevant, it must stay ahead of the competition and it must be willing to constantly change and adapt to every situation dropped in its path…

Making changes in your business involves planning, thought and the support of your team.

When you use the 5 PULL strategies for change, you increase your chances of successfully implementing the changes you want by transforming the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of your team.

You need to communicate your intentions clearly and honestly to motivate your team to realise the benefits the change will have on them.

If you push them towards the change, they will push back, making the change difficult.

Hostage negotiators face far more difficult change situations than you or I are ever likely to experience. These negotiators do not push hard, instead they work out what is preventing the change of mind and change of behaviour needed for a resolution. They use less energy not more.

They REDUCE the roadblocks to change.

Reduce the barriers to change for your team will ease your people towards the change you seek.

Here is your ‘change people’s mind’ checklist to get you on your way:

  1. Stop pushing for change - When you push for change, people push back, they resist the change you are wanting to make. The cost of pushing people is high and hidden, instead…
  2. PULL for change - Be the change catalyst in your business, working out what the barriers are that will prevent the change from happening, why they are there and how to mitigate them.
  3. Work out which of the barriers are preventing the change you seek – REDUCE - Reduce Reactance, ease Endowment, shrink Distance, alleviate Uncertainty and find Corroborating Evidence.
  4. Remove the barriers that stand in the way of the change you seek - Work out ways with the help of your team to reduce or remove the barriers to change.

Bring 2 or more of the 5 to work for you and you’ll become an unstoppable catalyst for change in your business.

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