[Blog 47] Change the habits holding your business back

Wouldn’t it be great if every day and every week you achieved greater results from your business?

What you achieve in life and business is determined by how you use all 24 hours of every day.

Research tells us that without even realising it, most of what we do every day is habitual – we do the same things in the same order at roughly the same time – EVERY DAY.

One study even suggests that for some of us this is 90% of the day – this means that you are on auto-pilot – going through the motions for 90% of the day!!

This sounds like a lot but… think about your day?

In your personal life this might work, you might have a large family and lots of outside activities or hobbies or you might have young children and we all know for them routine works, habits are good…

BUT can the same be said of your business life?

If you do the same thing every day are you achieving what you want to achieve? Is your business achieving what you want it to achieve?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then you need change something without delay…

Why not change a bad business habit into a good business habit.

Applying habit change to you and your business will change your business results, it will change your team and it will change you.

Make your business more successful by successfully managing habit change in your business.

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